Portrait Commissions:


First, submit your favorite photo to be used as a reference. Make sure it’s very clear and the face is at least 2” in size and no flash photography was used (the flash takes away from the detail). All facial features should be very clear. If you are taking the photo yourself, turn off the flash and play with the natural lighting at different angles to achieve the best shot. Note: if the photo is too small or is not clear I will not be able to work from it.

Once you’ve selected your favorite photo(s), send them via email or regular mail. Note: If sending the photo via email, I recommend a resolution of 600 dpi or higher.


Portrait Commission Price List

 The list below is for one subject, head and shoulders and a simple background. If your request includes more subjects, a complex background, a ¼ length/full length portrait of subject(s), or if the size is not listed below, please inquire via email to discuss your wishes.

18″x24″ Best Value

Pencil Sketch


8”x10”             $50

♥11”x14”           $75

14”x18”           $125

16”x20”           $150

♥18”x24”           $150

20”x30”           $200

24”x36”           $275

Pencil Drawing


8”x10”             $200

11”x14”           $225

14”x18”           $300

16”x20”           $325

♥18”x24”           $325

20”x30”           $375

24”x36”           $475

Oil Sketch


8”x10”             $250

♥11”x14”           $275

14”x18”           $325

16”x20”           $350

18”x24”           $375

20”x30”           $425

24”x36”           $500

Oil Portrait- Pet or House


8”x10”             $500

11”x14”           $750

14”x18”           $950

16”x20”           $1,050

♥18”x24”          $1,250

♥20”x30”          $1,500

24”x36”           $2,200

Oil Portrait


8”x10”             $800

11”x14”           $1,050

14”x18”           $1,250

16”x20”           $1,350

♥18”x24”          $1,350

♥20”x30”          $1,700

24”x36”           $2,500

For all other inquiries, or if you are interested in commissioning Michelle for a project other than a portrait, please contact me here. Thanks for visiting The Wet Palette!